Metroid Prime 4 is ‘well in development’ says Reggie Fils-Aime

Metroid Prime 4 is ‘well in development’ says Reggie Fils-Aime
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Nintendo of America top man Reggie Fils-Aime recently spoke to Mashable about Metroid Prime 4, saying that the video game giant has 'expectations about when [Metroid Prime 4] is going to be released. We haven't announced it, but yeah, the game is well in development.'

Revealed during Nintendo's E3 2017 showcase, Metroid Prime 4 was just a logo. And since then, not much else. Fils-Aime did add that 'Nintendo is well-known that if a game isn't ready, we will push out the development in order to make sure that it is as strong as possible when the game launches.'

Covering yourself is important.

NOA's president mentioned that Nintendo usually announces and launches within six months, 'but there are times for strategic reasons that we believe it's important to message that a game is coming… It really depends on the game, it depends on the type of development that it's going through, and it depends on how we feel the consumer is going to respond to the particular message.

Samus Aran's solo effort will wait for the time-being, though, as Nintendo's attention is on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at the minute. The game is out in less than a month, so it's understandable. In the interview, Reggie said that he's been playing as new character Ridley a lot recently. 'It is a well-known fact that I am not a very good Super Smash Bros. player, and so my focus is I'm going to keep practicing as Ridley so that at 12:01, the morning of the 7th, I can be the very best Ridley player for a very short period of time. That's my strategy.'