Metro: Last Light developer 4A Games has responded to fan feedback asking for a Field of View slider, stating such a feature is not as easy to implement as players might think.

"We're aware the community have been asking for a 'Field of View' slider for Metro: Last Light. Unfortunately, this was not as simple a thing to implement as it might appear!" wrote 4A on Steam.

"The main reason for maintaining a fixed FOV is because we have 3D elements like the watch and weapon ammo that need to remain visible.

"In addition, all the game's first-person cut scenes and cinematics and each and every animation involving Artyom's hands - idle weapon animations, reloads, ladder climbing, melee attacks etc, - were created assuming the same, fixed field of view.

"Changing the FOV would break all the cut-scenes and animations - you would be able to see inside Artyom's arms, or they would appear to float in the air in front of you. Or worse."

The Steam post adds: "We had considered offering three FOV pre-sets, but this would still require significant work to re-do every animation, adjust the HUD and UI and other seemingly small but incredibly time consuming tasks.

"Even with a wider but still fixed field of view, Artyom's hands would look too far away. We know - we tried."

There are also significant performance issues to consider when changing the FOV, with a wider view resulting in a performance hit.

4A concluded: "We understand this issue is important to many people, and we have been looking at possible solutions.

"In the immediate term - the next title update, due in the next few days will allow you to directly change the FOV in the .cfg files."

Be warned that any changes to the FOV via the .cfg file could well result in a performance impact.

Source: Steam