Konami has launched the Metal Gear Art Studio, a new art scheme which marks the end of the publisher's Metal Gear 25th Anniversary celebrations.

The Metal Gear Art Studio is home to a Digital Drawing Board which can be viewed online and shared over social networks.

Fans can use the studio's tools - the same as those used by Yoji Shinkawa - to create artwork inspired by the series. A complete set of digital brushes, pens and pencils can be used online, as can rulers, masking tape and various inks.

The real-time studio makes it possible for others to see what's being created, or watch replays of created works.

Yoji Shinkawa himself will be producing the first image, whilst a series of guest artists have also been invited to participate, and will be revealed at a later date.

There will be a competition for the week of February 18 - 24 to create the best Raiden image. This will be followed by new competitions every three weeks:

25th Feb - 17th March: Mechs and Vehicles

18th March - 7th April: Snake

8th April - 28th April: Female Characters

29th April - 12th May: Male Characters

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will be released on Friday for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Press release