Merc Elite, which claims to be the first ever military-themed MOBA, will be released for browsers this summer, Bigpoint has announced.

Set in a world where governments have faltered and collapsed, 5 multinational conglomerates have emerged from the fallout as the undisputable powers in a world on the brink of self-destruction. In the persistent struggle to secure the few remaining resources, the ex-military elite, the mercenaries, do the bidding of the money and power hungry conglomerates.

Five different character classes are available to choose from, each offering a vast array of high-tech weaponry and gameplay variety. Players may opt to apply brute force, wielding heavy weaponry, or use brains instead of brawn to complete objectives.

"A team of more than 40 people have developed our newest Unity Game," said Jeff Lydell, senior producer at Bigpoint. "Merc Elite goes beyond standard free-to-play browser titles by employing stunning 3D graphics powered by Unity and delivering a flurry of PvP action that includes an array of high-tech weapons, cunning tactics and a variety of character classes, while ensuring fair gameplay with skill-based combat."

Does Merc Elite have what it takes to win over some of the LoL or Dota 2 audience?