Mega Blocks is set to launch a new construction toy range based on World of Warcraft, with prices ranging from £6.99 all the way up to £99.99.

The range will feature highly-collectable and realistic characters from different classes, races and the two factions - Alliance and Horde - as well as iconic vehicles and play sets for recreating battle scenes.

The Faction Pack marks the opening price point at £6.99, featuring articulated figurines, each intricately designed to represent a specific race/class combination. These 15-piece builds include authentic weapons, interchangeable chest plates and shoulder pads, as well as tileable base plates with race-themed accessories.

Then comes Mount Assists at £12.99, offering figures with customisable armour sets, each paired with a flying or ground mount.

The range also includes the Barrens Chase set, the Sindragosa & The Lich King set, the Demolisher Attack set, the Goblin Zeppelin Ambush set, plus the Deathwings Stormwind Assault set, inspired directly by the Cataclysm expansion.

For £100 fans can customise the Deathwing dragon with more than 100 customisable pieces as he swoops down to burn the buildable Stormwind Castle.

Mega Bloks World of WarCraft product range - set for July-September:

  • Faction Packs £6.99
  • Mount Assists £12.99
  • Barrens Chase £24.99
  • Sindragosa & The Lich King set £34.99
  • Demolisher Attack £49.99
  • Goblin Zeppelin Ambush £69.99
  • Deathwing's Stormwind Assault £99.99

Stockists will include Argos, Tesco, Toys R Us, Amazon and Smyths.