Ben Borthwick by on Dec 20, 2019

MediEvil remake’s ‘Short Lived’ demo gets resurrected for the holidays

Sony has announced that MediEvil's previously limited-time only 'Short-Lived' demo is returning to the PlayStation Store today with new content.

The news means anyone who hasn't had chance yet to try the modern re-imagining of the PS1 classic can do so for the low price of zero. It contains the Graveyard and Hilltop Mausoleum levels, culmulating with a boss fight against the Stained Glass Demon. Complete the demo, and you'll be rewarded with the Sir Dan's Helmet item for use in the full game.

In addition, developer Other Ocean has also provided an interesting insight into the creation of the game from the studio's art department, taking hero Sir Daniel Fortesque from his 1998 incarnation into his PS4 version.

The 'Short Lived' demo for MediEvil is available now on the PlayStation Store, and you can check out what we thought of the full game in our review over here.

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