SEGA has announced Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms, an expansion pack for the PC strategy game Medieval II: Total War. The expansion is said to feature more than 75 hours of new gameplay, spread over four brand new campaigns.

In the new Americas campaign players will have the opportunity to fully explore The New World that was unlocked toward the end of Medieval II, retracing the steps of Hernán Cortés in 1519, as he seeks to explore and conquer The New World.

The three other campaigns will offer more detailed campaigns within Great Britain, Northern Europe and the Holy Land, featuring many more regions than were shown in Medieval II. Players will have access to 13 playable factions and over 150 new units, plus new hero characters such as Richard The Lionheart and Saladin, each armed with powerful abilities.

"With Medieval II: Total War we offered unrivalled scope of warfare, both on and off the field of battle, as you conquered the known world," commented George Fidler, Studio Director, The Creative Assembly Australia. "Now with 'Kingdoms' we're looking to offer unrivalled richness and detail with four completely new campaigns, each offering its own unique features, challenges and flavour of Total War."

Kingdoms will also include six new multiplayer scenarios and 20 Custom Battle maps, plus Hotseat multiplayer mode compatibility for each of the campaigns.

Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms will be released for PC in the autumn.