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Media Molecule trialling “viable business opportunities” of Dreams creations with new beta evaluations

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Media Molecule, the studio behind sandbox creation engine Dreams, has unveiled a beta evaluation process for those players who want to explore “viable business opportunities.”

Dreams lets its community create almost anything, like an atmospheric horror twist on the Dunder Mifflin office, a rave with luminous pants, or a grim and monstrous fantasy world. Media Molecule maintains that the player owns the rights to their creation, in spite of its use of the studio’s engine and tools and Sony’s role as a publisher, and the fact that these projects are only accessible through Dreams.

Now, Media Molecule has announced the beta evaluation process, which will let players request an opportunity to take their work off platform. “We’ve had lots of questions from creators about using Dreams for viable business opportunities off PlayStation such as concept artwork,” said studio director Siobhan Reddy. “We welcome and encourage creators to do this, but it’s new territory for us. We’ve been busy behind the scenes mapping out how we can make it easier for creators to do this in the future.” Creators are able to submit a request if they have a project they would like to explore, and if they are also a member of the Early Access community.

The application will require a description that covers: “proposed usage of Dreams; proposed output including how the final creation will be used; proposed target community/audience; third party involvement including third party equipment/tools/products/services; and expected timeframe to complete project.”


It’s an interesting move, and it explores territories that the real world isn’t quite quick enough to respond to. The beta evaluation process offers quandaries, too, because surely the Fallout 4 remake couldn’t qualify, as it directly references another property that belongs to neither Media Molecule nor Sony. In time, we will see what arises from the new submissions, and whether these are able to survive outside of the bubble of Dreams.

Dreams is available on PlayStation 4.


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