BioWare has released the first details on the next Mass Effect, revealing that the game will be based around planetary exploration and confirming the return of the original game's expedition vehicle, the Mako.

The details emerge from this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con where BioWare released prototype footage of the new Mako roaming around an ice planet while discussing the upcoming game with fans.

The redesigned vehicle is allegedly being built for speed and could support player customisation, with players expected to spend a fair amount of time in the Mako exploring new environments.

The main character will continue to be human, too, BioWare is alleged to have confirmed, although it has yet to detail other playable races.

Don't get your hopes up of seeing the new Mass Effect for a while yet, though. According to a video from The Escapist (below), producer Mike Gamble "indicated that the game is still years away from launch".

BioWare revealed the new Mass Effect during this year's E3, stating that the game would take players to a whole new region of space where they'll encounter brand new characters. The game has yet to receive an official title or release window.