Marvel’s Avengers will also include exclusive content for people with either Virgin or Verizon mobile network contracts (via VGC). 

As well as PlayStation players, customers who are with Virgin Media and Verizon Up will be able to unlock cosmetics for the heroes. Square Enix has also announced a set of costumes in collaboration with Intel, and people who purchase promotional packs of 5 Gum will get a special emote. That latter partnership is only available in the US, mind. 

The reveal that Spider-Man would be a playable DLC Avenger only for PlayStation 4 players divided opinion. Many were quick to point out that Marvel itself stated that the web-slinger’s future was with Sony, and an exclusive hero was one way that arrangement would appear. However, others claimed that PC and Xbox players are getting the short end of the stick, with no exclusive content additions for these platforms announced at the moment.

To pour lemon juice into the papercut, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal also divulged that there are “even more PlayStation advantages,” with 30-day exclusive access to new cosmetics for the six launch heroes and PS Plus goodies like a free bundle for Ms. Marvel.

Marvel’s Avengers is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 4, and there’s a next-gen version for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in the works.

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