‘Marketing to blame for PS3’s failure’

‘Marketing to blame for PS3’s failure’
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According research firm EEDAR’s Jesse Divnich the poor sales of the PS3 back at its launch should not be attributed to its high price point, but the bad marketing support for the console.

“There are times when marketing fails, you can spend so much money but it doesn’t matter. Sony spent $150 million globally on the launch of the PlayStation 3,” said Divnich at the Montreal International Game Summit.

Divnich then showed the audience the PlayStation 3 baby commercial.

“They honestly thought they could release any type of commercial and it would sell. It truly is a WTF moment in marketing history. It creeped people out. Sony got complacent, they were on top of the world and they thought they could say ‘here’s the PS3 go out and buy it’.”

Divnich added: “A lot of people want to blame the high price points for the PS3’s failure, but I don’t think so, I blame the marketing, it impacted the success of the PS3 much more than the price.”

Likewise, Divnich believes much of the PS3’s current popularity is a result of a stronger advertising campaign, not the lower price point.

“Sales went through the roof and a lot of people attributed that to the price drop. I disagree, I actually think it’s the marketing. It’s how you distribute that message to your consumers. I truly believe Sony’s success in late 2009 had less to do with the price drop and more to do with how they delivered their message,” he said.

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