Mario Tennis Aces update nerfs Bowser Jr. (again) and Waluigi

Mario Tennis Aces update nerfs Bowser Jr. (again) and Waluigi
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Mario Tennis Aces developer Camelot has released a new update for the Switch-exclusive sports outing, which comes with a bunch of character balance changes.

Sadly it's not great news for Bowser Jr. and Waluigi fans, as both players have been nerfed in various areas. For example, Bowser's diminutive sidekick can't lunge as far as he used to and returns balls slower, while Waluigi has a reduced volley shot speed and top speed.

This isn't the first time that Bowser Jr. has been kicked into touch either; an earlier update seriously brought him down a peg or two after he was way too powerful at launch. 

It's not all about nerfing though. Some characters have been boosted slightly, while Adventure Mode has seen some significant tweaks, including the ability to now retry a mission without being booted back to the world map after failing.

Be sure to have a gander at the full list of Mario Tennis Aces update 1.2.0 patch notes here.

Mario Tennis Aces was released in June for the Switch, and proves that Mazza's still got some tricks up his sleeves.