Mario Tennis Aces gets Birdo in October

Mario Tennis Aces gets Birdo in October
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Birdo will join the roster of Mario Tennis Aces this October, but only for those who play in an online tournament.

If you don't have Nintendo Switch Online, the subscription-based online service for the Nintendo Switch, then you will have to wait until November 1. Or else pay for a subscription – if, you know, you just can't wait to get your fix of Birdo, and who can blame you for that?

Birdo is an anthropomorphic (ish) pink lizard-looking creature that fires eggs from her snout. In Mario Tennis Aces, she is an all-round player, meaning she is fairly strong across all the talents.

Check out Birdo's glamorous reveal trailer below:

In other Mario Tennis Aces news, a recent update has nerfed Bowser Jr. and Waluigi – the former's lunge distance shortened and the latter's speed clipped.

The version 2 update brought co-operative online multiplayer into the mix, which supports up to four players.

We liked the game when we reviewed it, in July, saying, 'Mario Tennis Aces is a good tennis game let down by an Adventure Mode that often feels as though it's cheating you.'