New information on Mario Kart Wii has been published inside the latest issue of Japanese video game magazine Famitsu (translated by IGN) and it looks like Nintendo is packing its latest title with game modes and features.

The magazine confirmed previous info that the game will sport 32 circuits, 16 of which will be new. These will include Mario Circuit, Momo Country, Kinopio Factory, DK Snowboard Cross, Coconuts Mall, Kinoko Canyon, and Luigi Circuit.

Nintendo is finally pulling its finger out with online features - Super Smash Bros. Brawl is proof of this - and Mario Kart Wii looks to make full use of the Wii's online capabilities. The game will use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to offer up to 12-player online play, against players from across the world, players in your country and players from your friends list.

The game's online features don't end here though. Online leaderboards accessed via a new Mario Kart Channel will bring an extra sense of competition to proceedings and downloadable/shareable ghost data will make it possible to race against the best laps recorded in the game.

Multiplayer won't be limited to online only, with four players able to go at it on a single console via split-screen. Mii support will also be included, with multiplayer races offering gamers the choice of racing with classic Mario characters or their very own Mii creations.

Sadly there's still no firm release for Mario Kart Wii in Europe. The last we heard from Nintendo was a vague Q2 2008, but hopefully we'll receive a more solid release date in the near future.