by on Aug 2, 2018

Mario can now dress up as Hariet in Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo has released a new costume for Super Mario Odyssey allowing Mazza to dress up as Hariet from the Broodals. 

The costume comes in two parts, a hat and outfit, and is pretty much what you would expect, right down the blonde hair. The hat will set you back 3,000 coins while the outfit costs 5,000 coins. Better go and flatten some Goombas if you haven't got enough cash, eh?

Super Mario Odyssey has received a steady stream of updates since its launch in October last year, among which includes the addition of a Luigi-fronted mini-game and extra costumes. A few months back we got a racing outfit, for example.

Interestingly, Ninty hasn't ruled out the possibility of releasing traditional DLC for the plucky plumber's latest adventure.

Super Mario Odyssey is currently the Switch's best-selling game with over nine million copies sold, and is easily one of the best titles money can buy for any console on the market right now.


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