SOCOM 3 is still waiting to be released in Europe, but over in the US Sony is already beginning to offer new maps in the form of updated fan favourites and all new, never before seen maps. Each map pack will be available for $5.99 and can be downloaded onto a USB drive, internal hard drive, or a PSP system with a Memory Stick.

"SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALs Map Packs allows for the millions of SOCOM fans to experience updated versions of their favorite maps from earlier SOCOM titles or take on competitors in all-new environments simply by purchasing and downloading the SOCOM 3 Map Packs from their SOCOM 3 online account," said Seth Luisi, senior producer, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "With the release of the SOCOM 3Map Packs, the SOCOM franchise will expand with even more online environments, adding to the SOCOM experience you can only get on PlayStation platforms."

The first map pack, available in March, is to include updated versions of the SOCOM II maps After Hours, Last Bastion and Liberation. These maps, previously only available to PlayStation 2 gamers with an internal hard drive, have been updated to support multiple game types, day and night modes and weapon customisation. A further two map packs will be released in the months ahead and will feature maps from the first SOCOM title and brand new maps.

There is no information at this time if these map packs will be made available to European gamers when SOCOM 3 finally gets released over here in April.