Microsoft has released a new interview featuring Xbox Live’s Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb and the Xbox senior director of planning, Albert Penello, as they discuss what we can expect from the upcoming Xbox One X console.

They talked about what the Xbox One X Enhanced program is, with Penello saying that, ‘Games are gonna do different things, but all of them fall under the same Xbox One X Enhanced banner'. What’s clear from the video is that not all of the Xbox One games will sport the same enhancements, and Penello says that the level of enhancements is up to the developer. Enhanced games will receive packaging to indicate the changes, and the Xbox Live Store will sort games by a specific filter making it easy to find enhanced titles.

Xbox One X box art

There are now over 130 games that’ve been announced as receiving Xbox One X enhancements, and this will include the likes of Far Cry 5, L.A. Noire, Greedfall and Okami HD. It’s currently unclear how many of these we’ll see at launch, and Microsoft doesn’t seem to want to share any figures on this either.

Either way, the video is an interesting watch for those hyped for the Xbox One X, and even for those that are just curious about what the Xbox One X will bring to the table when it’s released in less than two months. One of the standout comments is when Penello states that even 1080p TV owners will benefit from from using the Xbox One X, as the console will downscale 4K images to 1080p, which results in a sharper and smoother image.

The Xbox One X is out worldwide on November 7. Pre-orders for the console opened earlier today.