Majesco Entertainment has announced the development of Cake Mania 2 for Nintendo DS, the follow-up to the worldwide hit that has sold 280,000 units on DS and had more than 50 million downloads on PC.

"Cake Mania's fast-paced, addictive gameplay has created a tremendous following of franchise fans," said John Merchant, Marketing Manager, Majesco Europe. "With a wide range of feature enhancements, Cake Mania 2 for the DS offers tremendous depth while retaining the same core gameplay mechanic that made the original a handheld success."

Cake Mania 2 will put players in the shoes of Jill and will use the stylus to progress through more than 200 levels of baking and frosting. Along the way 50 unique kitchen upgrades can be purchased using your bakery earnings.

With a vast range of customers to please (aliens, federal agents, rock stars and grannies amongst others) players will have to work quickly and accurately. Jill's baking will see her travel the world, making cakes at locations including an underwater theme park and outer space.

Fans are also promised a host of new cake shapes, decorations, frosting flavours and a non-linear story which can result in any of six possible endings.

With the success of the game on DS, Majesco has also confirmed the game will be heading to Wii, details of which will be revealed soon.