EA today announced that Madden NFL 10 will be released in the UK in August, promising to "usher in a new era" for the franchise.

We're promised a new level of on-field authenticity and emotion in Madden NFL 10, with players given more control over the outcome of their play than ever before. It will be possible for players to drag defenders towards the first down marker, fight for a fumble at the bottom of the pile, and avoid the rush by stepping up into the pocket.

"The Tiburon team couldn't be more excited about Madden NFL 10." said Phil Frazier, Senior Producer. "With online innovation that will connect Madden fans together like never before, an immersive broadcast presentation that captures the suspense and emotion of the NFL, and the most authentic gameplay to date, Madden NFL 10 will be the pinnacle in the award-winning franchise."

Madden NFL 10 on Wii will also introduce a unique art style, which forms part of the game's complete redesign for the motion-controlled platform. EA is hoping to deliver an experience for the entire living room.