Robin Antonick, the man who created the first version of crazily successful sports video game Madden NFL is suing EA over tens of millions of dollars in owed royalties and a share of the franchise's $4 billion in profits.

Antonick says he created the football video game, with the first versions released for the Commodore 64, MS Dos, and Apple II platforms in 1988. He claims he developed the game with programming expertise and knowledge of John Madden's behaviour in calling plays in certain game situations.

He signed a development contract with EA in 1986 that allegedly entitles him to royalties on subsequent versions of the Madden game.

"Only recently, as a result of publicity surrounding the 20th Anniversary of the 'Madden' video game did Antonick become aware that Electronic Arts did not independently develop subsequent versions of its Madden NFL software," says the complaint. "Instead, according to recent statements by Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins, the current generation of software apparently derived from software developed by Antonick."

Antonick says he hasn't received a royalty payment since 1992 and is seeking tens of millions of unpaid royalties, plus a share of all profits - in the region of $4 billion.

Via Reuters