Moscow Five has beaten SK Gaming 2-0 to win the League of Legends European Regional at gamescom 2012, taking home the $40,000 prize and entering the Season 2 global finals as Europe's top team.

The Russian team dominated the first game with constant aggression from the start, completely dismantling SK and forcing them to a surrender vote in under 30 minutes. At the end of the game, M5 led 15 kills to SK's 1 with an impressive 20k gold advantage.

SK picked Malphite, Janna, Corki, Gangplank and Orianna and M5 went with Udyr, Shen, Zyra, Sona and Ezrael. SK, who had previously not lost a round during the tournament, suffered due to some amazing counter-warding by DiamondProx's Udyr and could not retake control of the map. The Germany-based team's only glimmer of hope came from defeating Shen, but even that was in a 4v1 scenario.

M5 had a strong start in the second game - picking Gragas, Udyr, Corki, Renekton and Sona - with Corki taking first blood and the team scoring a second kill within five minutes. SK, taking Yorick, Ezrael, Janna, Maokai and Twisted Fate, responded by taking down the first top tower at the seven minute mark. SK couldn't keep up, however, and at the 20 minute mark was behind by 15 kills and 13k gold. Denied both big-ticket items and map awareness, M5 ensured SK couldn't get a foothold in the game and smashed their Nexus in under half an hour.

Earlier in the day beat Fnatic for a third place finish and the $25,000 prize, and will join M5 and SK as the European teams for the League of Legends Season 2 World Championship, taking place in Los Angeles this October. All three teams will be competing for the $1,000,000 first-place prize.