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Lunastra joins Monster Hunter World in new update

Mike Harradence Updated on by

Monster Hunter World update 4.00 has been released into the wild for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Capcom has announced.

This latest free patch for the acclaimed monster-mashing juggernaut adds Lunastra, a female Elder Dragon who coughs up the necessary materials used to cobble together the new Palico armour.

She's also apparently travelling with her mate, Teostra, but reports are 'unconfirmed,' says Capcom.

The Temporal Mantle, meanwhile, lets you 'nullify damage from powerful attacks by automatically evading.'

Capcom's also used Monster Hunter update 4.00 to stomp on a few lingering bugs, including various issues with Kulve Taroth, terrain, gestures, and other minor problems. Perhaps most importantly, it's now easier to successfully pet the Poogie. Oh yes. 

Check out the full patch notes here (via PST), and be sure to have a gander at Alice's Monster Hunter World review if you're still on the fence. 

Monster Hunter World

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26 January 2018