According to Variety, Warner Bros. will distribute a film based on Capcom's Lost Planet video game. Capcom will co-finance the movie. Strangely for video game fans, the voice of Solid Snake, David Hayter, will write the screenplay. While seemingly an odd choice, Hayter is also known for his script writing on X-Men and the sequel X2.

The video game seems like perfect material for a movie. A frozen planet, giant insect-like beasts, plenty of guns, a huge worm, flying mechs and a ridiculous ending. Hopefully the film will have a big enough budget to carry off the game's spectacular appearance.

Capcom is no stranger to movies based on its hit games. Resident Evil has spawned three movies (with a fourth rumoured to be coming) and a Street Fighter movie is in production- starring Kristin Kreuk (Smallville) and Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile).

Capcom is expected to make an announced at E3 this week.

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