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Little Nightmares developer acquired by Koch Media’s parent company

Tarsier Studios, the developer behind Little Nightmares, has been acquired by the parent company of both Koch Media and THQ Nordic.

Embracer Group is the parent company, and it has acquired Tarsier Studios, and all of its IPs, for $9.4 million (SEK 88 million), as well as another $1.2 million (SEK 11 million ) in B-shares (via VG24/7).

Tarsier is a small Swedish studio; its most famous game is Little Nightmares, a horror adventure that looks like a dark Jean-Pierre Jeunet version of Luigi’s Mansion. It was quite good. Tarsier has been working on a follow-up. The Little Nightmares IP belongs to Bandai Namco, however.

Studio head Andreas Johnsson said, “It feels exciting to, after a 15-year long journey with Tarsier, partner up with Embracer to continue develop the potential that our Studio has.”

Embracer co-founder and CEO Lars Wingefors said, of the acquisition, “We at Embracer are impressed with the position and the team that Tarsier has built up during 15 years, which is evident looking at the fantastic reviews that several of the studio’s famous productions have received, and with the future ambitions of the Studio.”

Tarsier will finish making Little Nightmares 2, before moving onto newer things in the embracce of Emracer.


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