by on Mar 2, 2020

Little Hope is the next game in Supermassive’s The Dark Pictures Anthology

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope is the next spook-a-thon coming from Supermassive Games and Bandai Namco (via PlayStation Trophies).

There was a teaser for Little Hope at the end of Man of Medan, and I’ll be honest with you, it’s the same trailer that is shown off in this announcement. But, we’ve got more information about what the game will be like, this time around. 

Trapped in an endless fog, four college students and their professor are living a nightmare in the sleepy locale of Little Hope. Tormented by strange and unsettling spectres, the five survivors will discover what lies at the rotten core of the town, and how the horror reaches through time to the present day. There also seems to be a little of The Witch about Little Hope, with a young girl in Puritan garb dancing and making dolls from sticks and cloth. And, Will Poulter stars, known for his roles in We’re the Millers, The Revenant, and Midsommar.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in summer. Watch the trailer below. 



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The Dark Pictures: Little Hope

on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
The Dark Pictures: Little Hope

Release Date:

31 December 2020