Fable Fortune, the Fable collectible card game that was inevitably compared to Hearthstone, and was the game Lionhead was working on when it closed, now has a release date set for next month.

Lionhead, the studio behind Fable and a general British institution in games, was closed by Microsoft last year. Undeterred, a group of ex-Lionhead developers got together to form Flaming Fowl Studios, and Microsoft granted them the license for Fable Fortune. Nothing else Fable related, though. Just Fortune.

Fable Fortune has six heroes, each with their own powers and cards, and has both co-op and PVP modes. It also uses the good/evil alignment system that Lionhead games were famous for, which changes heroes during play. 

Fable Fortune is currently in closed beta but will be releasing on July 11 on Xbox One and PC.