Lionhead designer Ted Timmins has revealed how the studio is keen to keep on expanding the Fable franchise, as it's currently doing with spin-offs Fable Heroes and Fable: The Journey.

"We're all massive Fable fans, everyone that works at Lionhead, we've lived and breathed it for the last 10 years. To keep expanding it is something that everyone there wants to do," Timmins told OXM.

Fable Heroes came about after an internal creative day at Lionhead, after which a small team of developers were given three months to work on the project.

"We came back three months later and said 'this is what we've got' and they said 'great - have another five months'. The whole of Lionhead's been really supportive, and it's not very often you get to be lead designer on a Fable game. To go from a creative day project to a 4-player XBLA game... it's been quite a turnaround," stated Timmins.

"There has been stuff that's come out of Creative Day before, ideas that went into Fable games, but never something like a full game. Hopefully if this is a success then Lionhead will do this more often."

Fable Heroes is due for release at some point before Fable: The Journey hits stores on September 4.