In recent weeks PC adventure game Limbo of the Lost has been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The game has come under heavy fire for its alleged unauthorised use of material from previously released video games, including The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Thief: Deadly Shadows.

Developer Majestic Studios had been on a break after completing the game and as such remained unavailable for comment, but GameSpot has now received a statement from a source connected to the studio.

"In response to the shocking notification that some alleged unauthorized copyrighted materials submitted by sources external to the development team have been found within the PC game Limbo of the Lost, we (the development team) have given our consent and full cooperation to both publishers who are recalling all units from all territories immediately.

"Please be assured that we do not condone in anyway the use of unauthorized copyrighted materials and if we had been made aware earlier, we would of course have ceased development of the product and rectified the issue prior to the publication process.

"To the best of our knowledge no one at Majestic, [European publisher] G2Games or [North American publisher] Tri Synergy, Inc. knew about this infringement and knowingly played any part in it.

"We can only apologise to all regarding this issue, as a team we are shocked and mortified regarding these events and we continue to work with said publishers in order to rectify the issue," explained the statement.

It's not clear if Majestic Studios will be working on a new version of Limbo of the Lost with the infringing material removed.