If you've ever wanted to be a film-director, making that big-budget action film, or the teen-slash flick you've always dreamed of, then get down on your knees and praise the Lord (that's Peter Molyneux) and thank him and Lionhead Studios for The Movies, which will allow you to film whatever you want. Yes, that probably means some kind of nudity, for those sitting at the back.

Shamelessly nabbed from the press release, the game features the following elements:

Become a Movie Mogul of Legend - Design your own studio and run it from the early days of cinema through present day and beyond in Story Mode by managing studio resources, investing in R&D and maximizing box office success by staying one step ahead of the competition.

Make your own movies - Make movies that appeal to the masses in Story Mode or in Sandbox Mode you can jump into any era and create your dream movie.

Control the destiny of your cast and crew - Fire and hire them, turn unknowns into movie stars, and take full creative control over script selection and the content of the movies you'll create.

Play it again and again - Over 30 hours of continuous gameplay, thousands of exciting movie characters, and limitless options allow you to vary just about everything, including the violence, romance, and realism - all mixed with world events that affect audience tastes and expectations.

Show the world your talents - Post your movies to the web for all to see

What is interesting, is that the game (originally planned for a January - March release) seems to have slipped somewhat, with a vague fall 2005 release mooted (that's autumn, to us Europeans) for the PC, although nothing is mentioned regarding the Xbox, PS2 or Gamecube.

Another little fact, that this reporter heard many moons ago (and is only speculation), is that a number of expansion packs are already planned, offering different sets, props and all manner of content. Content that this reporter, at least, should be free. Of course, this could well be the case.

We'll keep our cameras aimed on this one, and let you know when Lionhead shout 'Action!'.