American game developer LightBox Interactive has hinted that Starhawk will be officially announced this Friday.

In a Tweet this morning company president Dylan Jobe sparked rumours after writing "the wait is over next Friday... #DylanLightsTheFuse," fuelling speculation over a possible space-based sequel to 2007's PS3 aerial warfare game Warhawk.

Gamersmint has also pointed out a "Sony Surprise" listed for an upcoming episode of GTTV on May 13. While the listing gives no further information, it teases at the possible reveal of a new PS3 exclusive.

Combined with Jobe's Tweet teaser all signs are pointing to a new entry in the Warhawk franchise.

Jobe recently left Incognito Entertainment, makers of Warhawk, to form LightBox Interactive and is working on an unnamed development for Sony.

"Last couple weeks have been spent cranking on builds for SONY," Tweeted Jobe. "Lots of good play-tests and game improvements."

Starhawk, is that you?

Considering a trademark had already been filed by SCE for Starhawk back in April an announcement doesn't seem unlikely. Combine that with Jobe's Tweets over the last few months about something secretly in development and it sounds like Warhawk is heading to Space.