Mike Harradence by on Sep 21, 2018

Life is Strange 2 gets an emotionally-charged launch trailer

Square Enix has polished off the official launch trailer for sibling roadtrip-'em-up Life is Strange 2, which arrives on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One next week.

As previously revealed, Life is Strange 2 follows brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz, who are forced to leave their hometown for Mexico after a bunch of mysterious and supernatural events see the duo on the run from the authorities. 

This is a brand new story with an all-new cast of characters, so those of you who enjoyed the original Life is Strange had better be ready to wave goodbye to Chloe and Max.

Life is Strange 2 will be made up of five episodes, with the first chapter, titled Roads, launching on September 27. Developer Dontnod Entertainment previously gave us a taste of the sequel with the free mini-adventure, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.




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