Life by You Early Access release date delayed, here’s what we know

Life by You Early Access release date delayed, here’s what we know
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  • The Life by You Early Access release date has been delayed again, with no release date set.
  • Life by You will be available on PC via Steam, launching into early access.

Developer Paradox Interactive has announced another delay for the Life by You Early Access release date. This is the third delay this game has faced. Despite being slated for a June 2024 release, we have now had confirmation from the developers that the game will not launch then, offering no alternative release date for Live by You. If you’re into life sim games, then Life by You has all the features you could wish for and more, including an open world and a ton of customisation. Let’s look at the Life by You release date, pre-orders, and gameplay details.

Create the human you want with the detailed creator. Image via Paradox Interactive

Life by You Early Access release date

The Life by You Early Access release date is currently unknown. In a recent post, the developers shared an update concerning the Life by You release date, which was originally planned for June 4, 2024. In the post, the deputy CEO of Paradox Interactive said: “After much consideration, we regret to announce that we have decided to retract Life by You’s Early Access release date, previously set for June 4th. This was not an easy decision, especially since we understand the anticipation and excitement that many players have for the game. However, we believe that additional development time is needed”.

As it stands, the Life by You release date has now been delayed three times. Initially slated for a September 2023 release, Paradox said it would release the game in early access in March 2024. Following this delay, another announcement was made in February 2024, pushing the launch back once more to the new early access release date of June 2024. Now, another delay has been announced, but the studio has given no predicted release.

Life by You gameplay details

If you’re aware of The Sims, you’ll notice more than a few similarities here. There is a reason for this, however, since the CEO of Paradox Tectonic is Rod Humble, who happens to be the previous executive producer of The Sims. Humble last worked on the Sims 3 and it’s clear to see that game’s influences in Life by You, complete with all the life simulation mechanics you’d expect.

In Life by You, you create people, build homes, manipulate their social lives, and everything else that comes with what is effectively ‘playing God’. This life sim game uses the same formula, creating households and watching them live out their lives. While they go about this, for whatever end you have planned for your humans, you will naturally socialise with other people in the world and build relationships, and it looks like conversations in Life by You have had a lot of thought put into them. Unlike The Sims, you are controlling humans who speak English, instead of a made-up language. To this end, you can probably expect to see more detailed convos between people thanks to the real-language conversations.

Select something to see how you can interactive with it. Image via Paradox Interactive

We’ve seen in trailers and the announcement trailer a brief glimpse of what we can expect. Characters can go to work, drive around, skateboard, talk to people, learn skills, and so much more thanks to the Human Creator in Life by You. This character creator lets you modify character traits 

As this is an early access version, we don’t know how much more is going to be available in the full launch. We can expect plenty, though, as the developers have said Life by You will be in Early Access for about one year. Anyone who has played The Sims knows that you will need to level up certain skills to become better at them, such as cooking, and this is an extremely similar system we see in Life by You. You can take direct control of your humans, driving them around in vehicles or a bike in third-person PoV, or using the top-down view. 

Going back to similarities Life by You has to The Sims 3, we also know that there will be an open world free from loading screens. This was something that set the Sims 3 apart, letting your Sims walk out of your home and drive into town on an errand all in one motion. The Sims 4 would scrap this, giving you smaller neighbourhoods instead of one open city. Life by You, you might be pleased to hear, uses the open world system here and lets your Humans wander around a massive area through vehicles or walking.

“Designed to be one of the most open world and moddable life-simulation games, we look forward to the humans, stories, and creations that you’ll make with Life by You”.


Not only are the humans heavily customisable, but the game itself will feature complete mod support. The studio also announced that there will be a wide variety of Creator Tools available in Life by You to ‘Change the gameplay anytime. Life is yours to make -and break’. It also sounds like you can completely remodel the city and towns you play in, with the developers saying: ‘Build your humans’ dream homes or businesses from scratch. Furnish them from top to bottom, inside to outside. Drag, demolish, and rearrange entire towns’.