A Kickstarter campaign for a HD remake of risque 80s adventure game Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards has reached its funding goal with six days to go.

So far the project sits at $527,932 with 11,956 backers. There are five days left to pledge.

Developer Replay Games is now looking to crowdsource $750,000. "Setting ourselves a new goal of $750,000! so that we can add vastly more content and loads of incredible new features. Al, Josh, the Replay gang and Adventure Mob have a laundry list of bonus features, all aimed at adding length, breadth, and 500,000 new laughs to the original game. Some of the features we'd desperately love to add are: animated intro and cinematic cutscenes, maps, dialogues, more speech, foreign languages, Easter Eggs, minigames (in the LSL tradition: fun to play, easy to skip), new puzzles, new girls, new locations...and that's just the top of the list."

Original Leisure Suit Larry creator Al Lowe is on board with the project, and Replay Games hopes to release the game on PC and mobile devices with new visuals and a remade user interface.

If this remake proves successful, Replay Games hopes to remake the whole series.