The PSP version of the game will feature the same core level design and features of the console and Windows versions, but will gain a number of unique features. Firstly, the game will include 'The Story So Far' mode. In this mode players can relive the story from Episodes I, II and III, and also get to play through the last level from each episode. Two players will also be able to play cooperatively over a Local wireless connection, and share unlocked player characters. Also included is a 'Challenge' mode in which you can play through each stage in the game, but with time restrictions. In this mode 18 characters from the first game can be unlocked.

The Nintendo DS game will be completely unique to other versions of the game, featuring touch screen and wireless support. The touch screen will enable users to switch between characters on the fly, control the camera and use the character customiser. The DS's wireless capabilities have also let the developers include a two-player co-op mode and four-player versus mode. The 'Versus' mode will even support single-card download play, letting friends play together with just one game card.

The GBA version of the game should feel very familiar to those that played the first title on the GBA, but the new game is said to feature far more LEGO interaction, and a greater depth to the 'Free Play' mode puzzles.

LEGO Star Wars II will be released for Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, GameCube, PSP, Windows, Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance in North America on September 12. The game should arrive in Europe around the same date.