This LEGO Fortnite player made a fully functioning ‘UFO’

This LEGO Fortnite player made a fully functioning ‘UFO’
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It’s no secret that getting around in LEGO Fortnite can be a chore, especially with a lack of fast travel. To this end, one enterprising fan has gone above and beyond – quite literally – and created a fully functioning flying machine that they can control and fly around with seemingly relative ease. Necessity might be the mother of invention after all, especially for those looking to cut corners or speed up how you explore.

With limited ways to get around other than running and consuming stamina, it seems that people are getting creative with their inventions, and this flying machine – dubbed by the creator as a ‘UFO’ – is a prime example of this creativity with dynamic vehicles.

This LEGO Fortnite UFO build is fantastic

The UFO build was shared by Reddit user Haskyns on r/LEGOfortnite, with a video showing the machine’s flying capabilities. It is truly a marvel and looks like something more suitable for the Kerbal Space Program.

In the post, Haskyns said: “My UFO…. This lifts and once it hits a certain altitude, it leans forward and begins to travel at 15 meters per sec. It self-lands and turns both directions too. I was able to do this without using any forward directional thrusters.

a reddit post showing a player making a ufo in lego fortnite
LEGO Fortnite player showing how an UFO can be created. Image by VideoGamer via Reddit u/Haskyns

In the 30-second video, we see them board the flying machine, take off, fly, and eventually land. All of this sounds like it would be super difficult, but the video makes it look easy. There is a question as to how the physics of this works, and this is a sentiment shared by comments on the post. One person said: “I’m more interested in the physics of it. The build looks fairly straightforward. Cool design!”

Another person wrote: “Heck yeah! I was fiddling with this idea but got distracted. Mine was decent, it didn’t gain much altitude but it went pretty fast forward.”

While the build is extremely impressive, it does look like you need to be precise when coming in for a landing. There could also be issues with how fast it can actually travel, with the title claiming it goes at 15 metres per second. Obviously, this isn’t the fastest but being able to travel over large obstacles will always be quicker than running around or over them.