LEGO dev: 3D gaming ‘over-hyped’

LEGO dev: 3D gaming ‘over-hyped’
Wesley Yin-Poole Updated on by

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3D gaming has been described as the next big thing, but according to one game developer, it’s “over-hyped”.

That’s the personal opinion of Loz Doyle, producer of the upcoming LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 game.

He told that he didn’t like the idea of having to wear 3D glasses to play video games.

“My personal opinion is that it’s [3D gaming] over-hyped,” he said.

“I mean games are in 3D already. It’s like adding another dimension. I don’t like the idea of sitting in my living room with a pair of glasses on, watching TV or playing a game. I feel it would detach you from other people in the room. Our games are more about being together and playing together. Having glasses on would be a little bit odd. I wouldn’t rule it out, but personally, I’m not into it.”

Doyle’s comments echo those of Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, who last month told the Associated Press that he doesn’t expect 3D gaming to catch on.

He said: “I have doubts whether people will be wearing glasses to play games at home. How is that going to look to other people?”

Others, of course, think differently. Sony’s investing in 3D televisions and plans to roll out 3D support for its PS3 later this year, and Ubisoft’s James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game, released last year to coincide with the all-conquering 3D movie, was the first high-profile 3D video game release.