Wii U gamers looking to save themselves a trip to the shops by picking up Lego City Undercover on the eShop will require an external hard drive, according to a notice on the game's official website.

Reports suggest the download comes in at a hefty 22GB, meaning the 32GB Wii U (which has 25GB of usable space) should have the capacity. However, no distinction between the 8GB and 32GB models is made in the warning.

"An external hard drive is required to download this software," states the smallprint.

However, click through for more information on how to buy Lego City: Undercover from the Nintendo eShop and you'll find the following message.

"Please note some larger downloadable titles may not be able to be downloaded with the Basic Set by itself. Adding a USB storage device solves this issue, and also maximizes your storage capabilities for Wii U software."

The game's available in the US on Monday so we'll probably know for sure if the 32GB model is sufficient early next week.

Source: nintendo.com