The developer behind Left 4 Dead is on the hunt for fresh talent to work on a new triple-A game. 

Turtle Rock Studios confirmed the unannounced project is part of a globally-known franchise, although details are expectedly thin on the ground. 

Still, we might have a clue about what’s in store. The job listing (via PC Gamer) calls for a senior level designer, and suggests the mystery title might be a multiplayer first-person shooter. 

Specifically, it’s looking for candidates who have cut their teeth ‘working with modern FPS engines’ and on ‘competitive FPSs.’

A second post mentions ‘AAA first-person action titles,’ although that’s about as exciting as it gets right now.

Still, that means one thing: Speculation. Feel free to have a natter about what Turtle Rock might be working on in our forums. The fact it’s part of a known franchise certainly narrows things down a bit, though.

Anyone for Evolve 2? Left 4 Dead 3 perhaps? 

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