Bloober Team's upcoming horror sequel Layers of Fear 2 will launch for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One late next month, publisher Gun Media has announced.

Horror film fans will be pleased to learn that Tony Todd, who starred in Candyman, Final Destination, and Tom Savini's 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead, will be featured in the game, which sees players exploring a creepy ship and the setting of a horror film you've been cast in. 

Things aren't that simple, though, as you're never quite sure what is actually real as you attempt to uncover your past and find out why you've landed a gig in the movie. Supplementing the psychological horror shenanigans is a score composed by Arkadiusz Reikowski and performed by the Sofia Session Orchestra. 

'Your past has helped to mold you into what you are, forced upon you the skills required to hone your craft. That same past has scraped deep furrowing scars into you, not on the outside where the world can see, but in a place buried so deep within that it has become shapeless,' reads the official blurb. Spooky.

Layers of Fear 2 will be released on May 28.

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