by on Jun 2, 2016

LawBreakers’ first alpha test begins later this month

The first closed alpha test for Cliff Bleszinski’s new first-person shooter LawBreakers will begin later this month, Boss Key has announced.

The test will kick off in mid-June, with more specific dates to be announced during the PC Gaming Show at E3 later this month.

The closed alpha will be the first in a series of tests planned for the shooter throughout the summer. For a chance to get involved, all you need to do is register on the LawBreakers website.

Before E3, though, players interested in seeing more of the game will be able to tune in to a pair of live streams taking place next Monday, June 6 and Wednesday, June 8, where you’ll get to see more of the game’s Overcharge mode on the Grandview map.

The full game, meanwhile, is scheduled to be available later in the summer.

Source: Boss Key Productions, Nexon


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