Chris Hallam by on Aug 9, 2017

Latest No Man’s Sky update adds fast travel and improves the story

In an email that’s been sent out to some players of the game, Hello Games has informed  fans about the next update to No Man’s Sky, the procedurally generated space game that caused some, uh, controversy on its release. Atlas Rises, update 1.3, adds quick travel portals and aims to improve the central story of No Man’s Sky. It’s the latest update since the Pathfinder update in March, which added vehicles that made exploration and travelling about much better.

In email from Hello Games’ founder Sean Murray, kindly shared on Reddit by the user GalaSniper, the developer wrote, ‘We have been quiet, but we have been listening intently.’ and that ‘Update 1.3 will release this week and will be available for free to all No Man’s Sky players. We’re calling it Atlas Rises’. Atlas Rises was teased with a two month long alternate reality game called Walking Titan, which was about AI research and the origins of the NMS universe. 

This update focuses on the interplanetary travel and story aspects which had received the most criticism following the release of NMS. Hello Games has also said that full patch notes of what has been done will be released just before the patch goes out.

No Man’s Sky came out just over a year ago and, following a torrent of criticism from players and critics, the game has received a number of updates that have improved on the vague experience of the vanilla game. Now the game includes a survival mode, base building, improved space battles and cross-terrain vehicles, which were introduced in March. The game now is in stark contrast to the original release.

No Man’s Sky is out now on PS4 and PC.


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