Nintendo has confirmed that The Last Story and Pandora's Tower - two of the most highly-anticipated JRPGs on Wii - will be coming to Europe in 2012.

Hot on the heels of Xenoblade Chronicles, which hits European stores this Friday, it's safe to say that fans of JRPGs will be in seventh heaven on Wii.

Developed by AQ Interactive and Mistwalker Studios - the studio founded by Final Fantasy designer Hironobu Sakaguchi - The Last Story takes place on Ruli Island, with players controlling a group of mercenaries tasked with defeating a race of creatures known as the Gurgs.

Pandora's Tower, on the other hand, follows the exploits of Ende, an ex-soldier tasked with liberating a monster-filled tower, and consuming the flesh of monsters to lift a curse placed on his best friend Seres.

Nintendo has yet to reveal a North American release date for the RPGs.