Call of Duty: Black Ops, which launches worldwide on November 9, is likely to be the "biggest entertainment launch of all time," Activision boss Bobby Kotick has told investors.

Kotick's confidence comes with good reason, too, as Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg explained.

"Today, pre-orders of Black Ops have already broken the industry pre-sell record set by last year's Call of Duty," said Hirshberg. "We have unprecedented levels of support both from our retail partners and from the first parties all from our vested to make this the entertainment launch of the year."

Via Seeking Alpha

With record-breaking pre-orders there's no reason to doubt Kotick's prediction. Whether or not the game can achieve the same "fat" tail of Modern Warfare 2 is another thing, but COO Thomas Tippl believes this is achievable, too.

"I would not be surprised that Black Ops follow on revenue is going to be also setting a new record in terms of percentage of total revenues for the franchise," Tippl told investors during last night's earnings call.