Using the Wii Remote, players must navigate their quirky balls through a series of complex 3D mazes. No complicated button combinations are required here, just the tilt of the Wii Remote to tip and tilt the game environment in all directions. Each ball in the game has its own level of response, speed, slide and bounce, so you must choose your balls carefully in order to successfully complete Kororinpa.

As more mazes are completed, additional balls will be made available to choose from. These include balls such as ladybug, cat, penguin, watermelon and pig.

As you guide your balls through a maze you'll have to collect red crystals to unlock the goal, which in turn gives the player access to the next maze. Players will also be able to go head-to-head with another player, splitting the screen horizontally or vertically, where the winner is the player to collect all the red crystals and reach the goal first.

The game will include more than 50 quirky mazes and five different environments, each with its own unique music, obstacles and visual style to enjoy. It's also worth keeping a look out for green crystals, as these unlock secret environments and more mazes to challenge even veteran puzzlers.

Kororinpa will be released across Europe for Wii on February 23, 2007.