Konami puts the kibosh on the P.T. PC remake

Konami puts the kibosh on the P.T. PC remake
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The creator behind the excellent-looking PC remake of P.T. has announced that the project is no more, with Konami issuing a takedown notice for the game.

Qimsar confirmed in a statement that P.T. version 0.9.5 was due to roll out a few weeks back, at which point 'all I would have needed to make adjustments to from that point would have been some minor lighting tweaks, the rain, the cockroaches, a few missing textures etc.'

He also revealed that he had finished all the game's animations, describing the process as 'essentially the final piece to making the game not just 100% playable but also 100% gameplay accurate.'

So, yeah, the whole project was nearing completion, and to be fair to Qimsar, it was looking pretty damn fine. I wouldn't have had the balls to play it at night with the curtains closed, put it that way. Resi? Sure. Silent Hill? Yeah, just about. P.T.? On yer bike, mate.

Qimsar went on to explain that the Konami rep he spoke to said 'due to legal issues that were out of his control' he was forced to put the kibosh on the horror romp. 

While P.T. on PC is no more, there is a silver lining — for Qimsar, anyway. He claimed that the Metal Gear Solid developer has offered him an internship 'in which I would do stuff with Konami US, EU, and Japan.'

P.T. was the playable demo of Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima's Silent Hills project, which starred Norman Reedus in the lead role. It looked bloody fantastic, but Konami sadly gave it the boot in the same year that Kojima-san left the company.