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Kojima Productions hopes to release smaller, episodic games

Kojima Productions hopes to release smaller, episodic games
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Kojima Productions would like to produce smaller, episodic games as well as jumbo, open-world games like Death Stranding (via DualShockers). 

Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa were interviewed by Famitsu in its February 6, 2020 issue, and their conversation has been handily translated by DualShockers (thank you!). Much of the interview was reminiscing and musing on the duo’s works, but we did get some interesting insight into the future of Kojima Productions. We do know that Kojima wants to experiment with streaming services and with making movies, because, “if a person can do one thing well, then they should be able to do anything well.” But, the studio could produce a manga, as Kojima and Shinkawa are intrigued by the possibilities. Shinkawa likes practical work, and joked that his eyesight has gotten worse and reading is tougher as a result. 

The creative arsenal available to Sam Porter Bridges in Death Stranding has sparked an idea for a mecha-centric world, said Kojima and Shinkawa. This could take the form of an anime, and although creating an anime is a serious undertaking, it is a little more straightforward than creating a whole game. Kojima can’t wait to use Shinkawa’s concepts in a movie, but for the time being, the studio is preoccupied with its new video game projects. One of these is a “big” game, and Kojima and Shinkawa would like to make much weirder games than Death Stranding in the future. They didn’t feel that Death Stranding was so strange, justifying that it was similar to what they’d made before. 

And, Kojima expressed a desire to create smaller, episodic games alongside this bigger game project. He hasn’t confirmed that this is the plan, because it depends on the balance of all the plates Kojima Productions is spinning. But, it would be an interesting way to flesh out the world of Death Stranding, or experiment with ideas before they are greenlit, or produce transmedia properties. Kojima Productions is certainly generating star power, with Keanu Reeves, Helen Mirren, and now Oscar Isaac stopping by to play Death Stranding. Perhaps, we’ll see the Ex Machina actor in a mech fighting the sentient representation of the emotion of jealousy that’s taken the form of a giant tiger with bat-like wings. Perhaps.

Death Stranding is out now for the PlayStation 4, and it is coming to PC later in 2020. 

Death Stranding

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November 8, 2019