Koei has today issued an updated release schedule covering its titles scheduled for release this calendar year. The highlights include Wii RPG Opoona in September, New G1 Jockey titles for Wii and PS3 and Warriors Orochi 2 on PS2 and Xbox 360.

"2008 has already seen a number of very successful releases from KOEI including Dynasty Warriors 6 on PS3 and 360," said Naoki Katashima, Executive Vice President Koei Europe and US. "We're keen to continue this successful trend and add a number of fresh new titles to our catalogue. Once again we will be catering for a variety of gamers, from horse racing fans to RPG enthusiasts, and our ultimate aim is to provide enjoyment and entertainment across all formats. With so many releases still to come it's going to be a busy year ahead and even further into 2009 for Koei."

2008 Koei Release Schedule:

Soul Nomad - PlayStation 2 - June 20

Samurai Warriors 2 - PC - June 27

Opoona -Wii - September

Romance of the Threee Kingdoms XI - PC - September 8

Warriors Orochi 2 - PlayStation 2 & Xbox 360 - September 19

G1 Jockey 4 2008 - PlayStation 3 - September 26

G1 Jockey Wii 2008 - Wii - September 26

Dynasty Warriors 6 - PC - October

Prey The Stars - DS - October