Namco Bandai Games Europe today announced that Klonoa will be released in Europe for Wii later this year.

The series' first appearance on Wii is an updated version of the first game in the series, promising vibrant graphics, motion control and new secrets.

In the game players will need to help Klonoa save Phantomile, a land formed by the dreams of its inhabitants, from an unknown evil. Throughout Klonoa's quest he is aided by his friend Hewpoe, a benevolent spirit who resides in the ring from which Klonoa is able to fire his Wind Bullet - gives Klonoa the ability to grab and inflate his enemies.

In addition to a new set of motion controls, Klonoa on Wii will also feature a range of control options designed to work with the Wii Remote, the Classic Controller and the GameCube controller.