Blueside has today announced it has teamed up with Phantagram to co-develop Kingdom Under Fire II, a true sequel to the award-winning Kingdom Under Fire: Crusaders and Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes.

Kingdom Under Fire II promises a storyline which continues on the Bersian content and will feature a new third faction vying for control of the world: Human Alliance, Dark Legion and a new mystery force.

The game will feature both a rich campaign mode plus a new massively multiplayer online game where thousands of gamers can play together.

Blueside's CEO Sejung Kim believes the game will be something special, stating: "We are preparing for an immense game that will feature not only field battles, but also titanic siege engines and thousands of units that will swarm over monstrous fortresses in siege battles of epic proportions."

Expect more information further down the line. For now head over to the screens page for a first glimpse at what to expect.