A sequel to the acclaimed strategy game 'Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders' is to be released this September.

In 'Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes' players will take control and command hundreds of soldiers as you fight to defeat the enemy in a world of swords and sorcery. Heroes is set in the same time frame as Crusaders, but has seven new heroes who will fight the war, deciding the fate of all mortals, in over 50 single player missions.

Your character and the army you control will gain skills and power as the game progresses, allowing you to pull off a deadly arsenal of special moves and combos. The single player game is said to be more explosive than ever, with over 50 hours of gameplay.

Heroes also features Xbox Live play with three different game modes: Defend a fortress, destroy your opponent's army or just a simple fight. The Live play features a spectator mode so other gamers can watch as you destroy your opposition.

The game is due towards the end of September 2005 exclusively for the Xbox.